Justin Bieber Still Calls Selena Gomez His Girl, Thinks Their Bond is Unbreakable

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Justin Bieber Accepts The Award For 'Ur Fav Artist' For His Song 'Somebody To Love' From Host Selena Gomez During The MuchMusic Video Awards In Toronto
Justin Bieber accepts the award for "Ur Fav Artist" for his song "Somebody to Love" from host Selena Gomez during the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, June 19, 2011. REUTERS/Fred Thornhil

While Selena Gomez has already claimed she's happy to be single and very ready to mingle, Justin Bieber is not on the same place yet. The young Canadian singer is reported to be still pining away for Selena, convinced that Selena will still go back to his arms. Justin thinks because he and Selena reconciled several times after breaking up, this time it could happen again.

"Justin is still telling people that there is something going on between them," shared a source to Hollywood Life. "He still calls Selena his girl, and thinks she's going to come back to him eventually because their bond is unbreakable. He is a bit delusional since they are not even talking but then again, it's happened before."

This time, it might be different. Selena is said to be more firm in her decision to stay away from Justin for good. She also has Taylor Swift's help in recovering from the toxic relationship and in finding a new man in her life. After Justin and Selena broke up, Taylor and Selena became closer than ever.

 "Taylor and Selena have been talking a lot more now that Justin is out of the picture," Hollywood Life reports. "She's so relieved that Selena finally came to her senses and dumped Justin. She is so proud of Selena and how's she's been handling the break-up."

Taylor is hands-on when it comes to looking for a new Prince Charming for her best friend. She's been setting Selena up with certain cool guys, Hollywood Life reports. Selena is very open about the whole thing. Hollywood Life attributes this openness to the former Disney's star's desire to have a relationship that is "much healthier than what she ever had with Justin."

She even acknowledged the hurt she felt after her breakup when she went onstage to receive the Ultimate Choice Award at the recently concluded Teen Choice Awards this year. She told her young fans that they reminded her of what is important, even with all the personal problems she faced recently. She thanked her fans for reminding her to give, love and care.

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