Justin Bieber Spends Money on Private Jets, May End Up Broke

By @definemaych on

Like any celebrity, Justin Bieber is living the dream with millions in his name and free to do whatever he likes. This is why he is often spotted in night clubs and parties having a good time but is he really spending too much than what he is earning? It might become a problem when he wakes up one day broke with all the bills that need to be paid.

Rumors about the troubled teen say that he is spending much money on drugs, lavish lifestyle, posse, and travels are about $1 million every month, according to News.com. Although the Pop star ranked No. 27 in Forbes magazine's list for the world's most powerful celebrities, it is still much too large of a sum to be spending on a monthly basis. He might need to rethink his spending habits.

Many people have seen how the fame and fortune turns young minds into mush but still Bieber seems to be riding in fast car that's destined to crash in the near future if he doesn't minimize his vices. Apparently, his father is even helping him spend those millions.

His large entourage, some are even staying at his place, also contributes to his expenditures. The large posse also benefits from the Pop stars lavish lifestyle with private jets for traveling and attending parties in high end bars.

Another report indicated that Bieber might take a break from his tour and open a tattoo parlor instead. If this is true then he would really be in debts with the legal fees that he is facing. Concerned fans are still supporting him and his career though.

The Pop star is also trying his hand in the hip hop scene to make more money. Hollywood insiders are not too sure if he will become a hit but with the great number of followers, he might just succeed with this new venture. He needs to make more money to fuel his extravagant living and he is just 19 years old. It makes you think how long will this Pop star last until he breaks down from his abusive ways.

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