Justin Bieber Should Be Deported To Canada But President Barack Obama Giving Him Special Treatment?

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There is an ongoing petition to have Justin Bieber deported out of the United States and back to his hometown in Canada for all the crimes he have committed while in the country. Other normal immigrants have been deported for less, so many are now criticizing the court for giving Justin Bieber a special treatment. Even though Justin Bieber is no ordinary boy, he should certainly not be above the law either, at least that is what the 270,000 people who signed the petition think.

According to CNN, Canadian Justin Bieber has raised a lot of serious criticisms against the immigration law enforcement in the United States. Why is the young singer not being deported when ordinary immigrants have been deported for crimes less serious as faced by Justin Bieber?

According to the news magazine, President Barack Obama had sent a lot of immigrants back to their home countries, thus earning the president the label of "deporter-in-chief." However, many are claiming he has a soft spot for the Canadian "Beauty and the Beat" singer and cannot exercise his power properly. A bit unfair of an assertion, but not necessarily implausible either.

Many are claiming that the singer and once YouTube sensation is in the United States legally, so he cannot be deported just so. But immigration reports will show that it's not only illegal immigrants who are being served with deportation orders, especially if they have committed crimes. Around 10% of the people being deported out of the United States are in fact, legal residents of the country.

Another contention against the court is that according to the 1996 immigration law, people can still be deported even for their previous crimes. A lot of immigrants were sent packing back to their home countries for crimes they committed a long time ago. Justin Bieber has a lot of potential charges under his belt, from driving under influence, to assault charges and to vandalism charges.

Still, Justin Bieber has nothing to fear, yet. Unless he commits graver crimes, his attorney can ensure he stay within the country. According to experts, DUI and vandalism are both not deportable crimes, but the assault charge can be. However, a well-paid legal team can do wonders.

Bieber also has another advantage. He never received a green card. Bieber is in the United States on a visa for people with "extraordinary" abilities.

Fans, therefore should rejoice. However, Bieber just might have to shape up more and stay on track in keeping his crime records free from now on. Or else, his next destination just might be back to Canada, and he can never be sure if he will be accepted back there again, what with the controversies he got engaged in. Such a waste too, considering he and Selena Gomez just got back together.

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