Justin Bieber Set to Be Arraigned on Hearts Day Following Miami DUI incident

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The 19 year old Canadian pop star has captivated teenagers all over the world for his upbeat music and teeny-bopper rhythms. However, the protege of Usher has now been building a reputation for himself-a bad reputation for that matter. The pop star has had numerous run-ins with the law, the latest is being arrest in Miami after getting caught driving under the influence.

Late this year, the Canadian star was also charged for egg-pelting a neighbor. Moreover, his rapper friend Lil Za was also arrested by authorities over illegal possession of drugs. Bieber has definitely been displaying his bad boy attitude to the public, with the public feud against his ex-lady love Selena Gomez taking the cake for all of his bad boy antics.

Meanwhile, the pop star was seen frolicking and soaking up some sun in the country of Panama along with his entourage. Seems like the pop star was not frazzled by all of the run-ins with the law as he found solace in the arms of his alleged model girl friend Chantel Jeffries. Selena Gomez seems to be out of the question now as Bieber was pictured getting intimate with his rumored girlfriend.

However, news broke out that the Canadian singer would not be able to celebrate the day of hearts as he is to report to Miami Police for his arraignment. Police have not dropped the charges against the pop star in spite proving that his BAC level was .014.

Bieber was arrested and released the same day with a $2,500 bail. The pop star even had the nerve to smile in his mug shot, which made rounds on the internet.

Bieber's manager is said to be especially keen on having the singer get professional help for his seemingly rowdy behavior. The CEO of Universal Music Group has also expressed concern regarding the star's downward spiral.

According to Lucian Grange, Universal Music Group CEO "I'm very concerned about him, I'm very concerned about him for many months...and Scooter (Bieber's manager) who I work with very closely...is with him at the moment."

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