Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Still Seeing Each Other?

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When will the "Jelena" drama ever end? Apparently, it won't not with Selena Gomez still hooking up with Justin Bieber. Rumor has it that despite the personal diss thrown at the other, Bieber and Gomez are still keeping the friendship alive. Does this mean a "Jelena" reconciliation is in the works?

 "Jelena" fans shouldn't get their hopes up - for now. Sources confirm to that despite the dramatic split between Bieber and Gomez, their relationship status is a bit "complicated." This would only mean chances of them getting back together are high.

Multiple sources confirm that for the last few weeks, Selena and Justin have been continuously talking and texting each other. The source goes on to add that both have even made time to see each other yet both stars aren't addressing each other as boyfriend or girlfriend.

Last Saturday night, onlookers spotted Bieber at the Soho House in West Hollywood. In attendance was Selena Gomez who was friends with the girl group, YLA. The said LA-based group where holding a private concert at the said spot. It was all thanks to the YLA members that fans of "Jelena" knew what was going on.

"No big deal.. Bieber and Gomez front seat at our first show. Musta been the music," tweeted YLA member, Brooke Adams.

According to E News, Selena had been at the event first sporting a blue skirt and a black blouse. The Canadian crooner followed a few minutes after sporting his basic look of jeans and a baseball cap. Justin and Selena both sat beside each other while YLA performed "Kids R OK."

Despite sitting next to each other, no PDA of the sort had been seen. Selena still addresses Justin as her "ex-boyfriend" and are taking things slowly.

"They are on good terms and hanging out," stated the source, adding, "But they are not back together."

So, will the "Jelena" duo ever get back together? Fans of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber can only hope that these two work it out for the near future because everybody else is getting tired of the drama going on between them.

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