Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Romance: 'Jelena' Performs Racy Dance, Post Video on Instagram, Later Deletes It [VIDEO]

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back, and they are spicing it up. They are back, and it is getting hot in here. Justin and Selena's romance reports were confirmed after Bieber posted two video clips of a sexy dance performance he did with Selena to his Instagram page on Monday. He later deleted them.

According to Daily News, the clips were shot at the Action Dance Studio in McAllen, Texas during the weekend. Justin visited Selena at her concert.

In the video clips, Justin and Selena danced to "Ordinary People" by John Legend. During the hot dance session, they also did the "Dirty Dancing" lift sequence.

Credit: YouTube/ JustinBieber Videos

Shirtless Justin lifted Selena who wrapped her legs around him. He also pinned her against the wall. The two love birds danced passionately and remained silent as "Ordinary People" played in the background.

"Girl im in love with you, this ain't the honeymoon, past the infatuation phase."

"I know I misbehaved, and you made your mistakes, and we both still got room left to grow."

It looks like Justin was trying to send a message to her lover, Selena. The lovebirds were spotted frequently.

"Justin and Selena were together the whole time," said a source to Us Weekly, adding, "Sitting together, hanging out and very friendly together."

RadarOnline.com reported that Bieber impressed Gomez with $10,000 worth of flowers.

"After he posted the Oscar picture of her calling her a princess, he sent her $10,000 worth of flowers," said the source to Radar.

The source also said that Justin is ready to do anything for Selena. The source doubted if Justin would ever stay monogamous but confirmed that he loves her.

This sexy Justin and Selena dance session came two days after the "Baby" singer dedicated the song - "As Long As You Love Me" to Gomez during a performance on Sunday at the SXSW Festival.

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