Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back Together? [PHOTOS]


After the big split between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, it obviously seems as if it were a publicity stunt because news has it that the "Jelena" duo is back together. The couple had allegedly met up at Norway were they shared a public kiss. Another proof of the "Jelena" duo getting back on track is an Instagram post by Bieber deleted a few seconds after.

Looks like "Jelena" supporters can celebrate now because Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together. Representatives of both parties might not have officially spoken up on the reconciliation but judging from both parties' latest posts, it is obvious Selena and Justin are back together.

Early in the weekend, Selena had hopped on a plane headed to London were Justin Bieber was set to have a concert at the Telenor Arena. Would this be coincidence? TMZ reports that this is highly unlikely.

"It's no coincidence they're in the same country at the same time. Selena and Justin have seen each other periodically since breaking up at the end of 2012. He's been "tortured' because she's been giving him mixed signals," reported TMZ.

Well, all the rumours were put to a rest when onlookers spotted Selena and Justin sharing a very public smooch in Oslo.

"They were holding hands, hugging and they kissed on the lips," stated a source to People Magazine, adding, "They looked really in love, like no fights ever happened before. It definitely looked like they were back together."

For one, Selena Gomez has clearly sent the message to Bieber to "Come & Get It." Their whirlwind romance certainly hasn't died out.

"They have a crazy connection," explained a source to US Magazine, adding, "They just can't seem to break their connection. It can be intense."

Now what do "Beliebers" and "Selenators" have to say to all this? Negative comments have poured out on various social networking sites. While "Jelena" fans are happy with both stars getting back together, not everyone in Selena and Justin's fan group is happy with their rekindled romance.

Check out the slideshow to see the photo uploaded by Bieber on his Instagram which was deleted a few seconds after.

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