Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez; Accessing Each Others Nude Photos, Are Not Being Good Role Models?

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It seems like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber just cannot get each other's hands off each other. The two have reunited to rekindle their on-and-off romance, as they were seen having breakfast and coffee on March 7. This couple took the social media route to let the world know about their reunion. Bieber posted on his instagram a steamy and hot video of the two dancing to John Legend's "Ordinary People".  According to various reports, the Canadian pop star wooed back his lady love by sending over $10,000 worth of flowers to the "Come and Get It" singer's home.

Far from their images of the innocent teen idols, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seem to engage in an Instagram battle of sexy photos. Selena Gomez rocked the Instagram world when she posted a nude picture of herself, covered only by curtains, and the sunlight created a sexy silhouette of the former Disney star. Not to be outdone, Bieber also posted a smoldering picture of himself -- it was less sexy and hot than that of his lady love's picture.

Despite the public posting of sexy pics, Justin Bieber is said to be basking in all of Selena Gomez' gloriousness, as he gets a private ticket to all of Selena's nude pics. The couple is said to frequently sendracy pictures of themselves to keep the flame burning. In a report by Hollywoodlife.com, the couple is also said to engage in Skype sex and sexting.

"He gets plenty from her and has a slew of pictures and videos of her that would make the Internet explode...He gets all the important stuff to him for himself." An insider told Hollywoodlife.com

No wonder despite all the odds, Justin Bieber is head over heels for the Latina beauty. The couple had an acrimonious split back in January, as Selena allegedly confronted the "Beauty and a Beat" singer on his infidelity issues. Selena Gomez has since then entered rehab for the emotional trauma the relationship caused her. Justin Bieber formally wooed back his lady love by posting on Instagram a picture of Selena captioned, "Most elegant princess in the world."

As the couple have a lot of teen fans, do you think it is inappropriate of them to post their intimate photos and videos on social netwoking sites? Share your views.

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