Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez 2014: Boyfriend Wants to Protect 'Come and Get It' Star From His Bad Boy Image, Selena to Diss Fans?

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Justin Bieber just posted two videos on his Instagram account, showing him and "Slow Down" star Selena Gomez performing their sexy dance moves but according to reports, Selena's fans actually begged him to delete it right away.

The video clips were posted on March 10 showing the on-off couple in what seemed to be a dance studio as they showed off slow-moving dance techniques with John Legend's single "Ordinary People" as background music. In the middle of the performance, the Biebs even lifted Selena up in the air and pressed her against a wall.

However, the "Come and Get It" pop star's fans wanted the videos down because they supposedly disapproved Bieber's new bad boy image. "Her people pressured Bieber's team to take the videos down because they are trying to protect Selena's image," the source source told Hollywood Life. "They do not like her being attached to Bieber and his new bad boy image and it was one thing they were able to reason with him."

Based on the video clips, the romance seems to be rekindled again between Justin and Selena and this leaves Selena's fans unhappy. "Even if they would like her videos removed completely by Justin, they are still considering this a small victory," the source continued. Selena's fans are glad that Justin appears to have her best interests at heart but they are still wary of her being seen more often with him recently. It appears that the pair has been spending more time together in Texas lately, adding to the speculations that they are back together again.

"They are definitely gonna be close to each other a bit," the source added. "They are gonna continue to hang out with each other but there is no big vacation that they have thought of right now." According to reports Selena thinks that if Swift cannot support her, she does not need a friend in Taylor. "She thinks the way Taylor is dealing with it is very petty," a source told Hollywood Life. "Selena doesn't see the big deal with her relationship with Justin that everyone else sees." The fans are being protective just like Taylor Swift and she could just lash out on her fans in the future as well.

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