Justin Bieber Reportedly Calls Boy, 7, ‘Ugly’

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Justin Bieber has reportedly attacked a young child just because he couldn’t order the boy’s father around. The 20-year-old Canadian tween heartthrob apparently called a seven-year-old boy “ugly.”

According to a staff member at Star magazine, Bieber believed that his fame and fortune earned him entitlement, which allowed him to unleash a verbal attack to those who wouldn’t recognise it.

The assessment was based on an incident over at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago when the magazine’s source had a run-in with the singer while with his seven-year-old son.

“As I was walking through the gym, Justin’s bodyguard steps in front of me and says, ‘You can’t come through here,’ and tries to block me, and I saw Justin behind him doing push-ups,” the source claimed. “But I told him he’s not going to tell me where I can and cannot go.”

When the man refused to do as he was told, Bieber lashed out at him.

“Your son is UGLY!” Bieber shouted at him from behind his minder.

His friend Lil Za also joined the ruckus, saying, “What n***** what! Come on!”

The man didn’t identify himself as a tabloid editor, and had looked like he was just a dad out with his son, so it couldn’t be Bieber’s way of retaliating on tabloids.

Meanwhile, Bieber is said to be dating Kylie Jenner, who has been ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s one-time friend.

He has recently unfollowed Gomez on Instagram, which their fans interpreted as he is now willing to move on from their apparently toxic relationship.

Gomez unfollowed both Kylie and sister Kendall Jenner first, though, which led others to think that she also abandoned her friendship with Kim Kardashian’s younger sisters.

Apparently, the former Disney star flipped out when she saw the texts and photos Kylie sent to Bieber.

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