Is Justin Bieber The Reason Why Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone Are Not Dating?

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Rumor mill is working overtime to churn out stories regarding Selena's Gomez's growing closeness with "What About Love" singer Austin Mahone. The buzz is that amidst Justin Bieber and Chantel Jefferies romance rumors, Selena Gomez is leaning on to Mahone for support and this has sparked romance between the two. However, if the sources are to be believed, the couple is not dating, as Selena is not in a right frame of mind to have an exclusive relationship.

A source told, "You can't force something that will not work. They are both attractive and young and Taylor tried to make things happen but they are ultimately just friends," adding, "Selena isn't in the frame of mind to handle a relationship right now - she is still wrapped around her love for Justin and that is really throwing her emotions all over the place.

Does that mean Selena Gomez still have feelings for Justin Bieber?

Selena and Justin broke-up last year following Justin's alleged affair with a Victoria Secret model. However, the couple did try to work things out by taking a short vacation together at the onset of 2014. Jelena fans were delighted to see the reunion and it was speculated the relationship was for keeps.

But as fate would have it, Selena and Justin ended up detesting each other and allegedly sent each other unceremonious messages. The rumor has it that was Justin's growing fondness for Miami model Chantel Jefferies that scarred so-called Jelena reunion.

The source has further told the Web site, "She can't really focus on a relationship with anyone else when her relationship with Justin, the one she wants, is so damaged."

Apparently, Justin is ignoring Selena Gomez because of Chantel and the latter is making all the efforts to show the world that she is fine and is not affected by the "Believe" singer's new fling.

"She's making a huge effort to get out and show Justin and the world that she's fine," another source told, adding "That's why she's going out so much, it's all to send a message to Justin. And that's why she's been flirting with Austin. Taylor has been pushing her to go for Austin, but Selena is not in a place to date right now but that doesn't mean Justin needs to know that."

Let us know what do you think about Selena and Austin. Should they or shouldn't they date?

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