Justin Bieber Posts Topless Picture on Twitter and Exposes Measly Abs

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Justin Bieber tries to transform himself into a hunk attempts to bid goodbye to the image of a teenage boy he was known to be. In another snap on Twitter, he posed topless and exposes his measly "boy abs."

If it were someone like David Beckham who stripped down and posed a picture of himself on Twitter, the site would have been down for overcapacity. But when an 18-year-old teen like Justin Bieber tries to be provocative, it could be a little skanky.

Many of Justin Bieber's teenage girl fans might be squealing over the topless photo he posted on his Twitter/Instagram account. But there would be a lot of people, most especially his critics, which would be unimpressed with the display of his skimpy body.

It looks like Justin Bieber has been trying to bulk up while he's currently on tour. Together with his friend during the snap, Justin explained that they were getting for rehearsals. Wearing baggy pants slung below his hips and a visible white boxer briefs, most of his haters would definitely raise an eyebrow for his attempt, once again, to be taken more seriously. But posting a picture of yourself topless would definitely not do the trick.

Last September, Justin began his "Believe" tour that includes concerts all over North America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Justin will have a superbly hectic schedule and will finish the tour on May next year.

Apart from displaying his upper body, Justin also revealed another tattoo he got on his arm. It was an odd owl tattoo that looked rather cartoonish than manly. It's another addition to his fast growing tattoo collection. But since most of them looked weird, Justin fails again in trying to covert himself as more mature.

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