Justin Bieber Physically Attacks Girl in NightClub for Invading His Space

By @Ze_Charm on

Justin Bieber has come under public scrutiny after countless reports of physical assaults he has engendered on his fans. A report by Perez Hilton seems to prove the wild child's temper by claiming that the "Beauty and a Beat singer" engaged in a scuffle at Gotha nightclub in Cannes before security stepping in to stop the tension.

According to an observer, Justin Bieber got livid after an enthusiastic fan climbed over a sofa where Bieber was seated to sit next to the singer. Bieber then allegedly pushed the fan which later angered the girl's friend.

The pop star's bodyguards were in tow-avoiding a possible physical confrontation between Bieber and the rabid fan's entourage. Bieber's bodyguards, however, just made the pop star sit elsewhere in the same club instead of whisking him out of Gotha nightclub.

Justin Bieber has come under fire after many reports of assault against his avid fans. In one report by CNN, the pop star was accused of robbery after a woman complained that the singer forcibly got her phone to delete any photos of him and his entourage embroiled in a scuffle in Sherman Oaks Park.

Bieber has also been reported to call a fan the name "b*tch" after an avid fan took out her phone to snap the pop star. Bieber's bodyguards then proceeded to intimidate her and forcibly get her phone but Melinda Giel-Murray, the fan in question, refused outright claiming that there were no laws against taking pictures.

All of the altercations with the pop star's fans come after Bieber's brushes with the law. It can be remembered that the 20-year old Canadian crooner had a run in with the law after he was caught driving in Miami under the influence of alcohol. Bieber was driving in a Lamborghini with rumoured fling Chantel Jeffries when the incident happened.

Bieber has also been embroiled in a case filed by his neighbors after the pop star was accused of an egg-pelting accident.

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