Justin Bieber Photo Sucking On Stripper’s Breasts Goes Viral

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Justin Bieber is embroiled in yet stripper scandal. This time, a photo of him sharing the breasts of a private dancer with pal Khalil Sharieff has gone viral online.

The photo shows Justin and Khalil sucking on the stripper’s nipples. With their eyes closed, both boys appear to be enjoying the act.

It’s unknown when exactly was the photo shot, but according to TMZ, the stripper was hired to “perform” for the teenage singer and his pals during a party at a Los Angeles recording studio.

Only half of the stripper’s face is seen in the photo. Her Playboy bunny tattoo on her lower left belly is visible, though. Also, she reportedly looked old enough to be Justin’s mother.

Click on the link for the NSFW photo.

This isn’t the first time Justin has been involved in a scandal as such.

In January, he reportedly spent a whopping USD75,000 in a Miami Strip Club. The King of Diamonds stripper club reported the incident on Twitter, saying Justin ordered $1 bills to use in the club.

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