Justin Bieber Parties Without Selena Gomez, Goes Back To Hotel with Girls


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez both claimed they are very serious with each other, the gold ring worn by Gomez to the KCA even showed this. However, how serious is Justin really, if he is reportedly partying without Selena Gomez with his crew and going back to his hotel with three girls in tow? According to Hollywood Life, the controversial pop star had a wild weekend with his crew on Montreal, Canada, which includes clubbing and going home with girls.

While Selena Gomez was busy with the preparations for KCA, Justin was out partying on March 28 and March 29.  Bieber and his crew went to Buonanotte nightclub in Montreal, Canada. According to one club patron who shared information to Hollywood Life, Justin and his 15 companions arrived around 1am at the club both nights. Justin is said to be at the country because he wanted to watch Miley Cyrus perform on Saturday night, Hollywood Life reports.

Partying is a no biggie, because Justin and his crew can unwind if they need to. But the bothering news is that the pop singer also went back to his hotel with three girls in tow. According to Mail Online, when Justin left around 3am, he invited three girl club goers to go back to his hotel. The source has shared, "He was with a gang of people - his crew. There wasn't any ONE girl with him, but they were all there together,"

If the two are really serious with each other, then this new report should not bother them. As long as Selena trusts Bieber, then they can chuck this as a rumor. However, with Justin's track record, this news can be quite appalling too. Justin has once said he has no qualms cheating on Selena Gomez. Earlier this month, Hollywood Life also reported that "He thinks he is the man," a source close. Furthermore, "He likes - and you could even say he loves - Selena, but he knows he has the control in the relationship."

"When opportunity knocks, he will for sure answer the door," the source of Hollywood Life added.  "He knows that he would be able to get Selena back if she were to find out, so he is having his cake and eating it too"

Selena Gomez just bagged the Most Favourite Female Singer on the KCAs, hopefully this news report will not affect her good spirits.

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