Justin Bieber Not Retiring, Poses for Calvin Klein Underwear

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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Reuters

Issues surrounding the ‘Boyfriend’ singer have increasingly become disturbing which might have resulted to the rumours that the international pop sensation, Justin Bieber, is retiring.

Then again, after posting sexy Instagram photos showing off his abs and a possible Calvin Klein modelling campaign, he might be far from retiring. Although this is not the first time that the young star was thought to be retiring because last December 2013, there were also rumours that he wanted to quit his singing career.

The “Baby” singer is already a spokesperson for Adidas and was also formerly connected with Proactive. So this possible new campaign for Calvin Klein might be in the future. This new campaign for Bieber might be able to support his massive jet setting lifestyle as there are some Hollywood insiders who believe that the pop star might end up broke especially with his constant run-ins with the law.

The photo he posted in his Instagram account showed his bare abs but he was wearing black Calvin underwear and an open button shirt. Fans of the Canadian pop sensation were all eager to comment and the two photos even garnered more than a million in likes.

However, Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton commented that this move might look a bit desperate for the “Baby” singer. “We have no idea if JB has actually spoken to Calvin and this is in the works, but the IG poll is riding the line of desperate,” said Perez in his site. Whether it may look desperate or not, fans still support Bieber in his every endeavour.

If a contract between Bieber and Calvin Klein is in the wraps, followers of the young heartthrob will definitely line-up to see him. The Instagram post already acted as a teaser for the possible team up. Although, there are still no formal announcements from both sides if there is indeed a chance that the “Boyfriend” singer will model for the brand.

Bieber will join the ranks of Mark Wahlberg, Travis Fimmel, Freddie Ljungberg, Kellan Lutz and Jamie Dorman if he gets signed to model with Calvin Klein. Fans are crossing their fingers crossed on this possible endorsement deal.

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