Justin Bieber Makes Out With Mannequin on Jimmy Fallon Show

  @ibtimesau on February 07 2013 3:18 AM

Justin Bieber's interview with Jimmy Fallon is getting a lot of talk. The usual talk on the music isn't what got "Beliebers" going. In an attempt to show off his kissing skills, Justin had ironically made out with a mannequin head of which Fallon wasn't too surprised about.

Gearing up for the Saturday Night Live hosting gig set on February 9, Bieber had dropped in a little bit early at New York. Taking this time, Justin had dropped in at Jimmy Fallon's show where the Canadian crooner opened up on the music and his recent release, "Believe: Acoustic."

"I wanted to basically strip it down so it's just me and an acoustic guitar. Some of it is me and a piano but most of it is just raw me. I think the fans really like it because its just kind of how I started. I started with just me on the internet. Not really with all the produced pop music and so it's just that it's just really mellowed down and I feel like it's made for all ages," explained Bieber.

"It's just good music," stated Bieber, adding, "It just shows that I wasn't made, I was found on YouTube and it shows people music is music. That's what you need to focus on -- listening to the music. I'm an artist. I'm not - I'm a singer and I want to show people what I love to do."

Apart from talking about the music, Justin and Jimmy had a "ball" of a good time. As the interview run close to the end, Jimmy invited Justin for a mini basketball game where they had to shoot random objects through a hoop. One of the objects was a mannequin head of which Justin had hilariously started to make out with. One "Belieber" even went on to tweet about the incident.

"if Jimmy Fallon was smart he would sell the make out Mannequin and give the money to charity. @justinbieber," tweeted user, Kailey Bieber.

Well, Justin sure knows how to rile the audience with that move. As for other Justin related news, fans are hoping to see Selena Gomez make an appearance at Justin's SNL hosting gig. Selena is scheduled for an Adidas Fashion Show by February 6 meaning she could stop by for a few days to see Justin.

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