Justin Bieber: Leaked New Evidence on Obsessed Killer's Murder Plans against the Singer [PHOTOS/AUDIO-VIDEO]

Released New Evidence to Castrate and Kill Canadian Singer, Justin Bieber


A new evidence of murder plots against Canadian singer, Justin Bieber has been released by authorities Tuesday, February 19. The audio file, now in the hands of investigators comprised of horrifying phone calls between obsessed killers instigating plans to kill Bieber and castrate the "One Less Lonely Girl" singer with hedge clippers and/or a pair of garden shears.

Dana Martin now imprisoned after being convicted of two life sentences for raping and killing a teenage girl has been named as the main perpetrator in the murder plot.

The recorded chilling conversation between Martin and another man, named as Mark Staake provided details on plans to killing Bieber.

Martin, according to The Daily Mail is under investigation following accusations that he has been offering rewards and recruiting men to harm Selena Gomez's former boyfriend.

The mastermind, Martin is reportedly obsessed with Bieber and even had the singer's image tattooed on his leg. He was allegedly able to convince Staake to carry out the plans to murder the pop singer.

Listen and watch "chilling phone conversation" between obsessed killers here.

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