Justin Bieber Knows Selena Gomez Will Always Come Back to Him

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The Canadian pop star is a full-fledged playboy. Despite his many falling outs with Selena Gomez, the "Beauty and a Beat" singer is still confident that the former Disney girlfriend will always come back to him at the end of the day.

According to a report by Hollywood Life, the 20-year-old pop star believes Selena Gomez is "not going anywhere no matter what he does" and "not matter how many girls" he sees, as revealed by an insider to the site.

It seems pretty obvious that Justin Bieber got Selena Gomez wrapped around his finger. After several acrimonious splits, Selena Gomez will still come back to Justin Bieber's arms.

"He doesn't think Selena cares about what he does. Their history has proven that time and time again," a close source to the singer revealed on Hollywood Life.

"Justin knows that he will always have Sleena at the end of the day. No matter how many girls he sees when he's in whatever state or country, Selena's the glue that holds his heart together," the source further revealed to the gossip site.

The source further dished about how Bieber views Gomez by saying that:

"She's not going anywhere no matter what he does or how many of her jealous friends try to get in their way...they are one!"

But things might be getting serious between Justin Bieber and model Yovanna Ventura. According to the site, the Canadian crooner did not fail to place a smile on the model's face after sending her a romantic gift, a bouquet of pink and white roses.

"Justin's been staying in a suite with some of his buddies and Yovanna who kind of comes and goes...But he has made a point to lavish her with affection. When she was visiting a couple of days ago, Justin had 12 pink and white roses delivered to the room for her. It was some sort of surprise. He gave the delivery guy $100 bull as a tip," an eyewitness revealed to Hollywood Life.

While Selena Gomez knows that the girls Bieber hooks up with are temporary, Ventura looks like a different story. Could this be the last straw for the "Come & Get It" singer?

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