Justin Bieber Impregnated Two Other Girls Apart from Selena Gomez: Reports

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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Reuters/ Benoit Tessier

There are a lot of reports, which are claiming that Justin Bieber not only got Selena Gomez pregnant, but he allegedly impregnated two other girls.

Bieber got multiple girls pregnant over the past few years, a report from In Touch magazine said as per Hollywoodlife. The report of the magazine is based on an unknown source. The shocking report also claims that Bieber got Gomez pregnant three years ago and the latter miscarried the baby after two months.

"It spooked him," the source further claimed as reported by the Web site.

The magazine further claimed that Bieber who has now allegedly reunited with Gomez covered up the pregnancies of the other two girls just to protect his image. The insider even claimed that the pregnancies are now dealt with, reported the Web site.

Moreover, the sources have even claimed that Bieber's team gives out financial aid to the women who have got pregnant.

Though fans of the "Baby" singer are quite shocked by such claims, this is not the first time that reports of Bieber getting other women pregnant have come to surface.

For those who remember, there was a woman named Mariah Yeater who accused Bieber of getting her pregnant in 2011. She had said in multiple TV interviews that she met Bieber at a concert and they had sex backstage. She went ahead to claim Justin fathered her three-month-old son Trystan, reported the Web site.

Meanwhile, it is also being said Bieber and Selena are planning to buy a house together where they can go for getaways.

"Justin told her that he wants to eventually buy a house together," says a source to the Web site, "Like a getaway vacation house, maybe in Mexico."

Justin is also understood to have told Selena that he is going to change his bad boy behavior so that they can have a peaceful relationship.

"Justin has told her that he's changing his ways and she totally supports him and feels like he's finally grown out of that bad boy phase," revealed the source. "So they are both in really healthy and positive place right now."

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