Justin Bieber on Homeland Security’s Watch List, U.S. Customs Will Indefinitely Search and Question the Pop Star

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Happy flying days are over for Justin Bieber after U.S. Customs vow to search him indefinitely every time he tries to come back to the United States. Now, he won't be able to just go in and out of the country as if he owns it. TMZ reported that the pop star will continue to have a hard time at the States' airports.

Last Friday when Justin flew into a New Jersey airport from Canada, he was searched and grilled for 5 hours by the U.S. Customs. Law enforcement officials inform TMZ that Justin Bieber has 2 pending criminal cases. The Customs guys also searched his plane as they reportedly smelled marijuana, but the search revealed nothing. According to the Patriot Act, Customs have the power to flag people coming in the States from other countries, if they have an ongoing criminal case or conviction.

A source told the website that once someone is on the flagged passenger list, it is a difficult process to get in the country. Also, Justin Bieber will have to undergo searches and hours of questioning every time he leaves or re-enters.

If someone is on the Homeland Security's watch list, it is quite difficult to get off because the agency has broad discretion. However, if Bieber is found guilty on of the cases or pleads no contest then it is going to be very difficult for him.

Justin Bieber being Bieber, sources say that he just doesn't care about all this now.

Justin Bieber DUI Trial Date - March 3, 2014

Justin Bieber can mark March 3 as "The Date." According to Billboard, Justin's trial date is set March 3 on charges of driving under the influence, without a license and resisting arrest. Bieber will be officially arraigned on Feb. 14.

The "Baby" star and Khalil Amir Sharieff were arrested on Jan. 23 on Miami Beach after police stopped them for speeding. Later, Justin resisted the arrest and police officials found Xanax and Marijuana in his system. 

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