Justin Bieber to Harry Styles: Who Should Kristen Stewart Date Next? [PHOTOS]


The Hollywood grapevine is once again running amok all thanks to the alleged split between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart is said to seriously considering the single life for now. Yet, fans of Stewart have gone on to name potential replacements for Robert Pattinson. Check them all out here.

Four years in a relationship is clearly a long run especially within the bounds of Hollywood. It isn't ironic to see the famous "Robsten" duo be subject to Hollywood dramas as well. Now, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are said to have split up but have yet to make an official announcement.

Pattinson is currently in Australia filming "The Rover" and will be breaking up for good from Kristen once he lands back in the US. Their current "trial separation" is doing wonders for Pattinson and making him realize the error of his ways - taking back Stewart after the cheating scandal.

Sources confirm that Pattinson still hasn't come to terms with Stewart's cheating scandal with Director Rupert Sanders back in July of 2012. Who could blame the guy?

As for Stewart, the "Twilight" actress is said to be considering dating around to get her mind off Pattinson. Thankfully, some Stewart-fans have already come up with incredibly hilarious matches for the actress. From Justin Bieber to Harry Styles to Jared Leto, Stewart is sure to find her next boyfriend material in these guys.

Check out the slideshow and see who among Hollywood's richest and handsomest would best date the "Twilight" chick.

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