Justin Bieber Goes the Bahamas Way to Celebrate 20th Birthday, Sips from Styrofoam cup – Lean or Sizzurp?

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Pop star Justin Bieber celebrated his 20th birthday with friends and family at a beach resort in the Bahamas. According to TMZ, he spent tens of thousands of dollars on his birthday party. After the party, he was spotted sipping a drink from Styrofoam cup which is often linked to lean or sizzurp. The drink, sizzurp, is a strong mixture of prescribed cough syrup. It is usually mixed with Mountain Dew or Sprite. The drink is quite popular in the hip-hop group.

TMZ obtained a video of the singer going into a club on Monday evening with the Styrofoam cup in his hand. Justin Bieber continued sipping the liquid from the cup until he entered the club.

On Friday, Justin Bieber flew to Bahamas with family and friends and sailed to The Cove on a private yacht to celebrate his 20th birthday.

According to TMZ, Justin's crew included Lil Za and Khalil. Justin rented several villas at the 5-star property - The Cove. The luxurious villas cost around $4275 a night that come with private butlers, pools and kitchens.

Photographs surfaced of Khalil and Lil Za soaking up the sun with two young bikini-clad women. In another picture, Justin is seen with his father and friends relaxing near a pool.

On Saturday, Justin and party headed out on a boat and on Sunday they enjoyed a picnic on the beach.

Justin's father Jeremy shared a picture of his son's 20th birthday cake which said Happy Birthday Bizzle. Jeremy captioned the photo, "Happy Birthday son. Wow 20!"

The singer's friend, Khalil also shared a pic of a cake and captioned, "The celebration continues, Cake # 3. We love you bro."

According to insiders, Justin spends a lot time smoking up marijuana or drinking sizzurp which he and his friends call lean.

"He is constantly high. Drinking more lean, smoking more weed than ever," said a source.

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