Justin Bieber 'Furious' Over Franco & Benson's Parody of 'Boyfriend' [VIDEO]

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Bieber has finally seen the parody video made by Selena's co-stars from "Spring Breakers" and news is that he is not happy about it.

While fans of Franco and Benson are clutching at their sides for the hilarious video, "Beliebers" and Justin Bieber are fuming over the video. What did the Canadian Crooner have to say about the said parody music video?

Earlier this month, James Franco and Ashley Benson produced a parody video of Bieber's hit song, "Boyfriend." While fans of Franco know of his parody videos of lip-syncing to the song, this video was totally different because it was complete with the Bieber look and get-up. Benson had even joined in on the joke by wearing a wig that ironically resembled Selena Gomez's locks.

Given Franco and Benson worked together for "Spring Breakers", the video was just bound to happen yet the timing was uncanny. Days after the famous split between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the parody music video had hit the web. While the original video posted on Francos's WhoSay account had been deleted, netizens had immediately downloaded the video and uploaded it to YouTube accounts.

The said video was said to be a diss against Justin Bieber for having split with Selena Gomez. Gomez might not have said anything about the parody but "Selenators" sure have found the video extremely side-splitting. Yet, Bieber is not pleased and says the video is in fact proof that Benson had cheated on Bieber's good friend, Ryan Good, for Franco.

"Justin was really angry about the video because Ryan was supposed to be Ashley's boyfriend at the time and she's seen crawling all over James. To Ryan and Justin, this was proof of infidelity. And they found it really immature that James and Ashley were rubbing it in their faces," said a source to Radar Online.

"Justin doesn't know exactly when the video was made, but with the reports that James and Ashley were hooking up, he just thought it was really poor taste to throw it in Ryan's face," continued the source.

The video is still available on the web despite the fact that Franco had taken down the original. As to why the video was taken down by Franco, the "Spring Breakers" star speaks up on his side of the story in an interview with E! Online.

"I was asked to take it down by some people. Bieber didn't contact me, but I don't think he was too happy.. I wasn't trying to diss him," stated James Franco.

While Bieber is "mad" over Ashley's joke, it's clear the 18-year old star can't take a joke.

"Justin can take a joke. He wasn't mad that James mocked his song, he was mad as the inside dig James and Ashley seemed to be taking at his best friend," said a source to E!

Take a look at the parody video below.

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