Justin Bieber Disliked by Most Americans in Latest Poll?

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"Beliebers" may scatter over the world and announce their love for Justin Bieber but that doesn't mean everyone holds the same feelings for the Canadian crooner. In a recent poll done by a music-centered survey, Justin Bieber holds the highest number of votes for being the most disliked person in America. Is this a sign that Bieber should start moving out of Hollywood?

In a report by Rolling Stone, Justin Bieber has been reported to be "widely disliked by Americans." The survey done by Public Policy Polling shows that Bieber received 54% in unfavourable ratings. Only 20% of the votes garnered a likeability side. The survey was done nationwide last May 6 to 7 were approximately 571 voters took the poll.

Apart from Justin Bieber, two other Hollywood celebrities deemed most unlikeable by Americans include Lady Gaga by 50% and Chris Brown by 57%. Apparently, Bieber, Gaga and Brown better make a good impression with the Americans before that percent rises up to a hundred.

So if Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Lady Gaga were deemed most disliked, who were deemed most liked by Americans? Surprisingly, country crooner, Swift scored the most favourable with 53% positive. Joining Swift at the top is Grammy Award winner, Adele with 54% positive votes. Justin Timberlake and Beyonce also made it to the most liked with 52% and 51% respectively.

As for Justin Bieber, the Canadian crooner had obviously been doing a lot of disrespectful stunts to earn him the title of "Widely Disliked by Americans." This year alone Bieber had managed to get in to trouble with the paparazzi, police for speeding and substance abuse, fans for late arrivals at concerts and Anna Frank supporters for his insensitive comment.

If Justin wishes to lessen the negative percent by a whole lot, then hooking back up with Selena Gomez might do him good. "Jelena" fans have stated that Bieber was in a much better place when he and Selena had still been dating. Hopefully, the 19-year old singer manages to work out his issues and make a better impression with the Americans.

Of course, if things take a turn for the worse, Canada is always ready to welcome Bieber back.

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