Justin Bieber Detained at LAX Airport, Time to be Deported?

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Justin Bieber Revealing Photographs Released by Miami Police Department
Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber shows his tattooed left arm, while in police custody in Miami Beach, Florida January 23, 2014 in this Miami Beach Police Department handout released to Reuters on March 4, 2014. Bieber was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and using an expired license after Miami Beach police say they caught him drag racing on January 23. Bieber pleaded not guilty to the charges. REUTERS/Miami Beach Police Dept./Handout via Reuters REUTERS/Miami Beach Police Dep

After his controversial Japanese vacation, Justin Bieber has been detained the moment he landed on the LAX Airport by the U.S. customs.

But he was detained not for anything serious as people might think. Instead, after flying in from Japan on April 24, the U.S. customs agent at Los Angeles International Airport thought it was a nice idea to do a secondary search on the singer for whatever reason.

But after four hours, the young singer was released and came out looking quite happy and in good spirits. He was seen "smiling and sticking his tongue out as he was greeted by a throng of photographers and fans at the airport."

Also, "The scene was chaotic as he made his way through the crowd, flanked by his bodyguards, one of whom directed Justin by holding him by the scruff of his neck."

Later, a report by TMZ released news that Bieber has been detained not because of any new infractions he incurred, but because of his recent run-ins with the law.

According to Hollywood Life, he was questioned on his open criminal cases, which include being arrested for his Miami DUI, throwing eggs on his neighbor and his misdemeanor assault case in Toronto.

Hollywood Life also reported that questioning Bieber was only a simple procedure for customs officials because of his heavy criminal records. It does not mean he committed something illegal again.

 "The 2001 Patriot Act, signed by former President George Bush and extended by current President Barack Obama, gives custom officials the broad authority to flag travelers arriving from a foreign country when they have an active criminal case or a conviction," LA Atty. Mychal Wilson explained.

"Presumably, Justin Bieber is on the Homeland Security watch list due to the various pending criminal charges against him."

At least, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief that the young singer is not again caught up with something major.

In case he was, he really might be deported soon. Bieber is one or two offenses away from being deported, especially since there really is a heated petition that the Canadian singer be sent back to his country for all his legal woes.

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