Justin Bieber Denied Entry In Miami Nightclubs: Don't Want Troublemaker Biebs to Party Hard and Bring Them Wrong Name?

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Justin Bieber has been banned from entering into Miami nightclubs, TMZ.com is reporting. The singer's management tried to get entry into the famous nightclubs of Miami by calling and making bookings at LIV, Story and Adore. However the "Believe" singer was left disappointed after he was denied entry into any of the three clubs.

There are two reasons why Justin Bieber's entourage was denied entry into the clubs - first reason being he is just 20 years old and the legal age of drinking in Miami is 21. Second reason why Justin was not allowed to party in Miami is because of his last DUI arrest. The singer was arrested in Miami just a few months ago after he was drinking and driving without a license and even caught for drag racing.

The "Baby" singer was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), resisting arrest and driving without a valid license last time he partied with his friends, dad Jeremy Bieber and Chantel Jeffries in Miami. No club in Miami wants to be in news for wrong reasons and get negative publicity because of the antics of Justin Bieber. Hence when his friends tried to coax the management at the club by telling them that they would spend big money on drinks and eating, the clubs were still left unaffected.

The TMZ.com is also reporting that some clubs agreed to let Biebs party at their place if he would give an impromptu performance at their club. But Bieber did not agree to their terms and conditions and chose to enjoy a low key night at a local restaurant by eating out.

The "Heartbreaker" singer has pled not guilty to all the charges including DUI against him and is set to appear in court again on May 5. He has cases going on against him in two countries. The "Boyfriend" singer is involved in another assault case in his hometown Toronto too, apart from two cases in United States.

Do you think the Miami clubs did the right thing to not allow Justin Bieber to party? Were they right in avoiding any trouble?

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