Justin Bieber Declared Miley Cyrus Look-Alike, Hilarious Reactions on His Arrest on Social Media [Video]

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Breaking News: Justin Bieber got arrested in Miami.

Just kidding! You may think that the news is as old as sliced bread but there are more to it. If you are not exactly a Bieber fan and enjoy when people make fun of him, you are definitely going to enjoy it. However, even if you are a blind fan of him, you may still be able to enjoy this because you love him so much that you love looking at him in every avatar.

The social media exploded with reactions after the pop sensation had been arrested on Miami Beach. Apparently, Bieber made it much more difficult for his lawyer Roy Black as he decided not to keep his mouth shut. CNN reports that Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez confirmed that Bieber announced during the arrest that he had had alcohol, marijuana and other "prescribed medicines" before driving the yellow Lamborghini. Those statements may actually have worsened his case.

While some may call this honesty, some may believe that the young man was unapologetic about whatever illegal he committed. He might have been under the notion that he could get away with almost anything even if it is illegal in the country simply because teenage girls across the world, including Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard, dream of dating him. His nonchalant grin during the shoot of the mugshot may also prove the same. Either he is too naïve to know the consequences or he is too adamant to realise the depth of the situation.

Some people have already started making fun of Bieber's expression on the mug-shot. The Twitter world was quick to react. Some called him a Miley Cyrus look-alike while some photoshopped his face to look incredibly funny. While Bieber is no short of people who are praying for him, there are many others who may be praying against him. The trending hashtag keywords include # PrayersforBieber and # FreeBieber. On the other hand, #DeportBieber is no less popular either.

Watch this slideshow to know more about the hilarious reaction from the World Wide Web on Bieber's mugshot.

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