Justin Bieber Debuts 'Girlfriend' Fragrance Advertisement [VIDEO]

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What break-up? If anything, Justin Bieber appears to be happy and in love with another lady love. However, it's all for show because the 18-year old recently released a fragrance advertisement for "Girlfriend." Yet, what really is going on between Justin and Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber might not have a steady relationship with Selena Gomez as of late but that didn't stop the teenage heartthrob from releasing the fragrance advertisement for "Girlfriend." Just in time for the holiday season, the 18-year old Canadian crooner released the first commercial for his new fragrance line. Taking a cue from the teenage life of love and romance, "Girlfriend" serenades of ice cream sun-dates to whispered promises of young love complete with Bieber strumming in the background.

Unlike the seductive take of "Someday" starring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the advertisement of "Girlfriend" takes on the melodramatic aspect of actually being Justin Bieber's girlfriend. Things would definitely be more believable had it been Selena Gomez opposite Bieber in the advertisement but of course everyone knows no such thing is bound to happen.

Take a look at the complete fragrance advertisement for "Girlfriend" below.

Speaking of Selena Gomez, how are things between Justin and Selena? Selena Gomez had just attended the UNICEF Ball but Bieber was nowhere to be seen. So are things truly over between the couple? Was it not recently that the couple had a "Robsten"-like reunion at the American Music Awards 2012 after-party? Surely, photos that surfaced of the two together were not photo-shopped?

Justin did give his 411 on his relationship with the lovely Latina on "Oprah" but the explanation is still not enough for obsessed and addicted "Jelena" fans. Well, whatever decision the two celebrities have, they have a huge fan base rooting for them.

News is that Selena Gomez is busy working on her album set for a March 2013 release. Hopefully, the songs aren't Taylor Swift-like speaking of break-ups and love lost. As for Justin, the 18-year old is set on continuing his concert tour before moving into the acting business. A movie directed by Mark Wahlberg was included in Justin's moves of the year of which still have not been filmed as of late.

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