Justin Bieber Crying: For Selena Gomez or Jacque Pyles?

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Justin Bieber recently posted a video of him crying. And the reason is not Selena Gomez as we might think. The hearthob, was  actaully trying his hands on acting.

Justin posted a video doing mimicry of the scene from the episode of the show "Intervention". Justin posted the clip saying in the video, "Because I know somewhere deep down in my heart I still love you." 

This statement of Bieber indicates that he might have feelings for Selena. What adds more fuel to the fire is  that this video of Bieber came Selena Gomez has gone single. So is Justin Bieber not happy with Jacque Pyles? Under the garb of the video, is he trying to send some kind of message to "Come and Get It " singer Selena Gomez?

The "Boyfriend" singer is known to do various publicity stunts from taking off his shirt to showing his underwear to going naked.Along with his own acting scene, Justin Bieber also posted the original scene from the "Intervention". Bieber captioned the video as, "Funniest cry ..... Lol."

On Sept. 24 Justin Bieber showed his underwear at a Singapore concert. While jumping and dancing during his performance, Bieber's pants came off giving his fans peek into his white underwear. Though Justin is not new to these stunts, his actions are reasons which have caused Selena Gomez to separate herself from him. Known to get into club fights and getting cozy with fans seems to be an inherent nature of Justin.

However, the rumored girlfriend of Justin, Jacque Pyles seems to have no problem with Biebs behavior. The couple has been spotted many times together and Pyles has had a certain fondness for Bieber since she was fourteen. We can't wait to see the couple go official with their relationship just like Ariana and Nathan Sykes.

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