Justin Bieber Cheats on Selena Gomez with Kylie Jenner, But Hates That Selena Gomez Hooks Up with Orlando Bloom

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Two can certainly play the cheating game...and the unfollowing on Instagram game. Now that Selena and Justin Bieber have broken up, over Instagram no less, juicier details of why they finally decided that their reunion should not last further are coming out. Turns out, Justin Bieber cannot take his own cheating ways when thrown back on his face. Selena Gomez hooking up with Orlando Bloom, which just might be the older guy Selena Gomez has once said she is waiting for, proves too much for young Justin Bieber.

Recently, it has been reported that Selena Gomez decided not to follow the Jenner sisters, Justin Bieber and then everyone because she had it with people being so toxic and inconsiderate. Justin Bieber's phone contained pictures and texts from almost every girl in the planet, including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, making her mad with jealousy and depressed.

However, in a bizaare move, Justin Bieber unfollowed Selena Gomez back after posting pictures captioned with him being sad that he will never be able to propose to his future wife. Many wondered why until a report came out saying Selena Gomez is hooking up with Orlando Bloom. Many were quick to make the association and now assumes that Justin Bieber seeing Selena Gomez going out with the older guy and presumably sleeping with him made him realize Selena Gomez will not follow him ever anymore (Instagram or otherwise) and he should not be following the young singer actress too. In today's world, unfollowing someone on Instagram is akin to breaking up with someone on international television; the young couple's actions just proved this.

Justin Bieber can be considered a hypocrite for what he's doing. He is the epitome of the double standard in today's society wherein boys think they can cheat and then thinks it's not right when girls cheat on them. Granted, no cheating is right, but Justin's actions and feelings are quite irrational.

But then, the young couple breaking up just might be a blessing in disguise. With Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber flaunting their romance online, there's just no reason for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to follow each other on their social media accounts. 

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