Justin Bieber Caught for Reckless Driving

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Well, reckless driving in Hollywood isn't certainly "old news" and it most definitely not the first time! Another Hollywood star has been caught "recklessly driving" which could be another Lindsay Lohan. Surprisingly though the she is a he and ironically it is once again Justin Bieber caught being bad.

The 18-year-old popstar, Justin Bieber, was caught recklessly driving at the exceeding 100mph. Bieber was driving his Chrome Fisker Karma spaceship when the incident happened. By the looks of it, Justin Bieber is going bad-ass following the break-up with his lady love, Selena Gomez. Bieber is probably blowing off steam on the road, yes?

The witness, Dennis Zine, who happens to be an L.A. City councilman spilled the beans on TMZ. According to Dennis, Justin Bieber exceeded 100mph who had been weaving in and out of traffic along the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles.

The Biebs was allegedly trying to "shake off" the paparazzi that were on his tail - of which sounds strikingly familiar with another Bieber-iffic traffic related article. Despite what Bieber said, witness Zine said was a complete "road maniac."

"Bieber was driving like a maniac. He was weaving in and out of traffic. There was hardly any space between cars as he weaved from lane to lane. If I was on patrol, I would have arrested him for reckless driving. I was going 60 and he drove by me like he was in a rocket ship. He was a maniac," said Zine.

After the Bieber was pulled over, paparazzi flocked to the site given this was the one and only Canadian crooner. The "As Long As You Love Me" singer was pulled over at the Vineland Avenue and Ventura Boulevard exit for driving "reckless manner at speeds in excess of 65 mph." This was quoted by CHP Officer Ming Hsu of the Los Angeles Times.

Too bad for the Bieber, using the excuse of "shaking off" the paparazzi doesn't bade well with traffic enforcers. The 18-year old should probably think of another reason to tell his traffic apprehenders or simply get back to driving school and learn the basice over again.

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