Justin Bieber Cannot Move On From Selena Gomez and Nat Wolff Kiss? [PHOTOS]

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Young pop star Justin Bieber dropped by at the set of his girlfriend Selena Gomez latest movie to probably check out his competition.

Justin Bieber once again visited his girlfriend in the set of her movie. He paid her a visit before their big break-up last month.

"Behaving Badly" actress Elisabeth Shue told E!Online, "He was really cool, he really was. My 6-year-old loves him, and I was thisclose to saying something to him, but I was like, 'He probably gets that from everybody in the world.'"

Shue and Gomez kind of play rivals in the indie film. There is no date for the release of the film yet. However, Selena fans can expect to see the film sometime later next year.

"I play a Mrs. Robinson-type of character," Shue compared herself to a character in the popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. "I get to seduce young Nat Wolff. Selena and I have to fight over him a bit," she said.

Nat Wolff is a former Nickelodeon star and is just now breaking onto the big screen. He started off in the The Naked Brothers Band, a Nick show created by his writer mother Polly Draper.

Last week, Jelena were seen getting cozy backstage at FM's Jingle Ball 2012 event this Monday in Los Angeles. The two were previously spotted holding hands and "stealing a kiss here and there," according to sources.

His girlfriend Selena Gomez was spotted close by Justin Bieber throughout the night, and the two were said to leave together, hand-in-hand, after the Biebs' great show.

It was reported that the two broke up as rumors claimed that the "Beauty and a Beat" singer is hitting some Victoria's Secret models. Model Barbara Palvin was dragged in the issue as being the third party. Jelena fans were obviously not amused by the reports.

Moreover, Justin was also jealous of Selena's new co-star Nat because the film involved some passionate kissing scenes from the two.

See the slideshow for some of the photos of Selena Gomez smooching her co-star Nat Wolff and her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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