Justin Bieber Booed at Juno Awards, Fellow Pop Stars Defend His Achievement

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Justin Bieber's Juno Fan Choice Award sits on a chair at the 2014 Juno Awards in Winnipeg
Justin Bieber's Juno Fan Choice Award sits on a chair at the 2014 Juno Awards in Winnipeg March 30, 2014. Bieber did not attend the award show. REUTERS/Trevor Hagan

Canada's own child Justin Bieber must be sharing a love-hate relation with his native country. It was quite apparent at the Juno Awards. Bieber was awarded the Juno Fan Choice Award at the annual music award ceremony for the fourth consecutive time. On the other hand, a large part of the crowd present at the ceremony booed when his name was announced.

Bieber, nevertheless, decided not to attend the award ceremony on Sunday, March 30, in Winnipeg's MTS Center. The Hollywood Reporter said that, on behalf of Bieber, the Olympic women's curling team of Canada received the award. While there was cheer when Bieber's name was announced, there was an equally strong booing at the same time. This is, however, not the first time Bieber was booed at an award ceremony. The audience at the Billboard Music Awards 2013 heckled the 20-year-old singer while he accepted the Milestone Award. Additionally, he was booed multiple times before at sports games as well as his concerts.

Bieber did not miss the opportunity to thank his "beliebers" on the occasion of winning the award for the fourth time in a row. He posted on his official Twitter account and broke the news. In addition, he posted another tweet where he reassured his fans that he would never "leave" them as long as they were "with" him.

Even though the audience did not appreciate Bieber much at the show, some of his fellow pop stars spoke favourably about him. Canadian rock duo Tegan and Sara discouraged the public reaction and said that the booing was "not very Canadian," Huffington Post Canada reported. Tegan called Bieber "really talented." She said that she, along with her sister Sara, made "worse mistakes" than Bieber in their life before they became famous."

Musician Serena Ryder, too, was critical about the booing. She said that Bieber was an "amazing musician." She said that Bieber deserved the award as he worked his as* off all his life.

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