Justin Bieber 'Behaving Badly' on Set with Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might have had a rough November but the couple is definitely making up for time lost this month of December. The Canadian crooner was recently spotted making a visit at the set of Selena's new film, "Behaving Badly." So were things at the set with the newly-reconciled "Jelena" duo? Were they too "Behaving Badly?"

Barbara Palvin of the Victoria's Secret Models is so last season. It looks as if Justin Bieber has already moved on from the quick fling because news has it that Bieber is making up for the heart ache he had caused Selena Gomez. The 18-year old singer had recently been spotted watching out for his lovely Latina on the set of "Behaving Badly."

"He was really cool, he really was," said Elizabeth Shue, Gomez's co-star on set. "My 6-year-old loves him, and I was this close to saying something to him, but I was like, 'He probably gets that from everybody in the world,'" added Shue.

Fans of the "Jelena" couple know that every time these two meet on set of a film or a music video, public displays of affection ensue. However, for this time, things were pretty toned down. By the looks of it, Justin was just making sure Nat Wolff, Selena's co-star, kept his hands to himself. The film stars Selena Gomez, Mary-Louise Parker and Dylan McDermott.

The film, "Behaving Badly" was originally titled "Feed the Dog" based on the best-selling novel written by Ric Browde. The book summary is as follows: "While I'm Dead...Feed The Dog is a black comedy fiction work that is accompanied by an originally scored music CD Soundtrack featuring never before released material. Written by songwriter/music producer and eight time platinum and eleven time gold awards winner Ric Browde, the novel explores teenage angst, love & sex and rock 'n roll in the '70s.

Browde, who has sold over twenty million albums has worked with such artists as Poison, Joan Jett and Ted Nugent. From narcoleptic nuns, nymphomaniacs, the Mafia, a huckster televangelist, dying Latin teachers, corrupt school administrators, inept policemen, unscrupulous lawyers, buffoon reporters, half -- witted rock and roll musicians, transsexual record company presidents, drug addicted disc jockeys, greedy family members and the lovely Nina Pennington, this novel is a must for anyone who lived or wanted to live in the '70s as a teenager."

Justin being on set of "Behaving Badly" just proves how much supportive the 18-year old can be. For those who insist Justin is simply putting up an act for publicity, a source close to Justin says otherwise.

"Justin is crazy about Selena. It's just so obvious with the way he looks at her. Justin had a lot of people wanting to take pictures with him and talk to him at the Jingle Ball 'meet and greet' after the show and he just made sure to include Selena in everything - he kept looking at her, smiling at her, they were side by side most of the time. It's like he really made an effort to make her feel like his princess," explained the source.

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