Is Justin Bieber Becoming the Most Irresponsible Idol with Marijuana, Self-Harm Effect? [PHOTOS]


Is he being irresponsible? Is his influence on young fans all over the world getting worse and more negative by the day? These are questions many have in mind as events and controversies involving Justin Bieber surface nowadays.

First, he bashed and tweeted photos of the famous boxer, Manny Pacquiao, after losing a fight, which angered many of his fans and the entire Philippine population. It could be considered as a harmless tweet of a fan of another boxer, but he didn't keep in mind that Pacquiao is a politician and a well-respected figure and icon in the Philippines.

His act caused local lawmakers to suggest that he should be banned in the country as a "persona non grata." Though Bieber might be younger than the boxer, this is considered an act of bullying, as he edited photos of the knocked out Pacquiao in comical ways.

Next, there was the highly-publicized break-up with fellow pop star, Selena Gomez, which was treated by his fans as some sort of an "important event," when in truth, it was only another falling out of a young couple who still don't know what they both want.

Another controversy was his "weed smoking," where he was photographed holding what seemed to be a joint in his hand. Because he is a high profile celebrity followed by "tweens" and teens worldwide, many reacted toward this showcase of irresponsibility.

The latest in the string of controversies is the sudden surge of Twitter posts containing self-harm photos of his fans with their wrists cut, after the hashtag "#CutForBieber" was started by a group of pranksters. Though it might not be the singer's fault, it is clear that his influence urges negativity in the most destructive kinds of way.

In the end, everything is still up to him; especially that he is old enough to make sound decisions. We just hope that he makes them smartly, without forgetting that there are millions of teenagers following him in his mind.

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