Justin Bieber To Be Deported from United States, Petition to White House Demands

By @snksounak on

Guess how many people want to deport Justin Bieber? The number is 74,000 and counting. A petition for revoking Bieber's green card and deporting him back to his native country Canada has receive that many signatures so far. The petition is an appeal to the Obama government to do the honours and save the country from Bieber.

The petition, which is supposedly a reaction of the 19-year-old's recent arrest, is heading straight to the White House. However, there seems to be no shortage of petitions which urge sending Bieber off the United States immediately.

One such petition is seen on the Web site iPetitions. The petition on the Web site calls Bieber an "Inexplicably popular robotic muppet-teenager." It claims that Bieber called Americans "evil" recently. It also claims that he made fun of the healthcare system in the country and the laws related to women's choices. The petition asked for support so that the "malfunctioning animatronic device" could be deported to Canada. Bieber should also be barred from making a re-entry to the U.S., it said. Another such petition is found on Facebook that demands that Bieber must be deported to North Korea, Iran, or Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, the petition which has managed to grab maximum attention is the one says that the United States, as a country, is wrongly represented in pop world. It calls Bieber "drug abusing," "destructive," "reckless" and "dangerous." The petition demands that his green card must be revoked. It accuses Bieber terribly influencing the youth of the country. Bieber, apparently, is "threatening the safety" if the U.S. people. The petition is for removing Bieber from the U.S. society.

According to TIME, the White House receives such petitions quite regularly. #DeportBieber was a trending topic on Twitter on the week that saw his arrest in Miami Beach. CNN reported that federal law allows re-evaluation of one's visa status only for violent crimes. This means that the possibilities of Bieber being deported are extremely slim.

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