Justin Bieber to be Deported to Canada?

By @Ze_Charm on

The 19-year old Canadian pop star is said to face the threat of a deportation should the government of the United States decide to do so in response to the petition of almost 50,000 people. According to reports, the pop star can be deported back to his home country, Canada, should the petition reach a total of 100,000 signatures. The official We the People petition asks for the White House to permanently deport Justin Bieber back to his home country on the grounds of his drug abusive, dangerous and destructive behavior. Moreover, the petitioners claim that the pop singer is a very terrible influence to the nation's youth.

A same kind of petition against a famous personality, Piers Morgan was filed but did not come into fruition. Piers Morgan is still living in Beverly Hills. Following the same logic, it would be very unlikely for the "Beauty and a Beat" singer to be chucked out of the United States since the grounds for deportation are very weak. In addition, the Canadian pop star must instead have done something of a very severe nature, something such as murder or other felony to get kicked out of the US.

Bieber has his fair share of run ins with the law after being arrested in Miami late this week for driving a Lamborghini under influence. He was with his new girl Chantel Jerries when the incident happened. He is to be arraigned on Valentine's day. Late this month, the singer also had to face police charges for his apparent involvement in an egg-pelting incident.

However, the deportation case can still push through should the president of the United States, Barack Obama, make the decision itself. It would be unlikely for the president to pen such motion again, since the Canadian star had already performed for the first family, where it is said that Natasha and Malia are both fans of the singer.

The Canadian pop star is said to be eyeing more secluded places for a new home, after falling out with his neighbors over his alleged involvement in the egg-pelting incident. He expressed his liking for Santa Barbara as his next destination.

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