Justin Bieber 10-Hour Jail Video Privacy Invasion: Peeing on a Cup for Drug Test Caught on Tape

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Justin Bieber's latest jail video was released recently to the public. The video which is almost 10 hours long was requested by the media. However, Bieber's attorney objects with the out-of-bounds invasion of the singer's privacy, as the video captures him peeing on a cup for a drug test.

Peeing on a Cup

Miami Beach Police Department arrested Justin Bieber and R&B artist Khalil Amir Sharieff for alleged illegal street drag race in exotic sports cars before the 10-hour jail video, linked to the arrest on Jan 23, was made public. Bieber is in a dark hoodie with the hood over his head, dark baggy shorts and bright red shoes.

As the video goes on, he keeps on stumbling even reaching for the wall for support. Viewers can catch glimpses of his face in the medium quality video, but there are no close-ups.

Bieber's attorney has raised concerns regarding invasion of privacy, as Justin can be seen peeing on a cup, a necessary step for the mandatory drug test. His attorney argued with a judge regarding the invasion of privacy of his client and so Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield will review the video privately and determine if any portions will be released after the hearing next week.

Arrest Charges

Bieber's drug test isn't everything, and the 10-hour video reveals more than him peeing on a cup. On Jan 23, authorities of Miami Beach arrested him due to alleged DUI suspicions, resisting arrest without force and driving without a valid license.

In addition to a drug test, he also underwent a sobriety test and a breath test to determine his blood-alcohol content which turned out to be below 0.02 level. Lab results on his urine sample found presence of marijuana and an antidepressant drug called Xanax.

Other physical signs were also showing on Bieber due to the presence of drugs such as bloodshot eyes, mumbling speech, flushed face and dilated pupils.

Interestingly, police reports described Bieber as "excited, talkative, profanity, cooperative, insulting, and cocky" after the arrest. A police offer's statements also support the lab results. According to the officer, he could sniff the strong smell of marijuana as Bieber was sitting at the back of the police car.

"Yeah, we were smoking all night at the studio," replied Bieber, according to the police report quoted caught by Yahoo! News.

The famous singer pleaded not guilty to DUI, resisting arrest without force and driving without a valid license charges.

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