'Justice League' Release Date Sooner Than Expected: Aquaman Speculated to be Featured - Reports

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It could so happen that "Justice League" movie come sooner then expected. There is a strong buzz which suggests that Warner Bros is looking to release "Justice League" sooner than expected.

In a recent interview to Entertainment Weekly, WB president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman hinted that the film may arrive soon. Reportedly, "Batman Vs Superman" has created much hype and the production house could use the same for the "Justice League."

"While it hasn't been officially announced, I think it's a pretty good bet," said Fellman about the early release of the movie.

Furthermore, it has also been revealed that Warner Bros would not be making less than 9 movies starring DC characters in the coming years. There would be two movies to come of WB's arsenal till 2020. There is a strong conjecture that Dwayne Johnson's "Shazam" and another Superman movie could be the few already in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that Aquaman could appear in "Justice League." Director of "Batman vs Superman" Zack Snyder recently came in defence of the comic book character when hosts of a Detroit radio show made fun of him.

"I don't want to give anything away about the movie or anything ... but Aquaman has some cool abilities. I think people are like, "What, does he talk to animals or fish?" That's what people think. The cool thing with Aquaman is that his trident, it could cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact - that's in the canon. He's super strong because he can exist at these depths. Not to say he's in my movie or anything like that, but I'm just saying he has the potential to be pretty badass, that's all I'm saying," said the director to the radio station as per Slash Film.

Though there is no confirmation to the release date and cast of  "Justice League, it is expected that soon details about it would surface.

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