Justice League Movie Confirmed: A Likely Challenge to Avengers?

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With Guardians of the Galaxy still planned for a July 2014 release date, which is part of the Marvel Phase Two for its grand project leading to The Avengers, it was only a matter of time until DC Comics starts to act for its own headquarters and superheroes.

With the Man of Steel sequel already putting Batman and alongside Superman, it's almost expected that the entire Justice League team will be coming to the silverscreen.

But perhaps what can be a surprising turn of events is the fact that it will be coming so soon, following the sequel in fact.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Zack Snyder is already signed on the project extending to the Justice League movie, which will start filming as soon as the Man of Steel sequel is done.

What's interesting here is that they are not taking the similar route as Marvel's approach, which has laid out a plan to carefully ease viewers, both comic fans and regular audiences alike, into the Marvel world, with individual movies for each superhero before the first culmination of The Avengers.

"It isn't about a single approach to everything," said Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment, to The Wall Street Journal. "It's the right character matched with the right talent in the right medium."

Possible release dates and cast speculated

Given that the Man of Steel sequel does not even have a final title as of yet, it's impossible to expect the Justice League movie to come sooner than 2015. Forbes reports that the likely release of the movie will be somewhere in 2018, though another report points to a possible summer 2017.

IGN supports this potential date, as it reports sources saying that the Justice League movie can come in a close 2017, following the release date of May 6, 2016 for the Man of Steel sequel.

So far, the only confirmed people working on the Justice League movie is Geoff Johns, DC chief content officer, who will be a consultant in the creation of the scripts, as well as Snyder taking the seat of director.

As far as casting goes, the report suggests Dwayne Johnson to be part of the cast, as he can play a myriad of roles, form Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, to even Darkseid.

However, one possible contention would be that the Justice League movie may have to bank on its more known characters, instead of delving into the lesser known characters. Those can come in a little later, perhaps in the next movie following the first Justice League film.

Justice League in a nutshell-problems?

Perhaps one of the potential pitfalls that a sudden movie such as this will encounter, and one that is pointed by MTV.com, is the possibility of the audience not being able to catch on to all of the characters.

Though it's true that, before all of this, Marvel had lesser known characters than DC-the Hawkgirl vs. Hawkeye debate is supported by the many animated appearances of the latter. But after the carefully planned individual movies, Marvel was able to introduce the specific characters of The Avengers.

Since Warner Bros. and DC may not have that kind of time considering its plan to release after the Man of Steel sequel, one good thing to remember is to have a focal point. There are a number of graphic novels that already depict good storylines featuring the Justice League.

It's important to find that one storyline that will marry everything, so that it will avoid feeling like we're reading from different graphic novels at the same time.

In any case, DC diehards will surely be jumping at the news. Now the questions is whether or not the success will be like Nolan's Batman trilogy or if it will follow the onslaught of sadly developed DC movies-yes, Green Lantern and the previous Superman movies, are among those.

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