‘Jurassic World’ Director Tweets A Picture Of John Hammond In Memory of Richard Attenborough

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Sir Richard Attenborough attends [British television actor John Thaw's} memorial service
Sir Richard Attenborough attends [British television actor John Thaw's} memorial service at St Martin in the Fields church, London, September 4, 2002. [Thaw was best known for his portrayal of Inspector Morse and many other celebrities including Britain's Prince Charles attended the service. ] Reuters

The director of "Jurassic World," Colin Trevorrow, tweeted a picture of the famous character John Hammond in memory of Richard Attenborough, who recently passed away at the age of 90. The character John is a venture capitalist in the 1993 movie "Jurassic Park," who made it possible for the creation of a dinosaur theme park.

Apart from "Jurassic Park," Lord Attenborough, an actor and director, was known for directing "Gandhi" and "Cry Freedom" in the 1980s and "Chaplin" and "Shadowlands" in the 1990s.

The picture tweeted by Colin Trevorrow is that of a bronze statue of the character John Hammond with a backdrop of a painting of dinosaur skeletons -- apparently from the set of the film. Click here to see the image. 

The upcoming film "Jurassic World," set for release in 2015, is about a theme park full of real dinosaurs for tourists to see. The movie will take the viewers back to the original island of Isla Nublar, where the 1993 movie was based.

In the 1993 movie, John Hammond funds a project to extract dinosaur DNA from a fossil, which allows scientists to create living dinosaurs through lab experiments. The result is a theme park full of different species of dinosaurs. But before the theme park opens to the public, disaster happens.

"Jurassic World," however, brings John Hammond's dream to reality. The movie will feature a fully functional theme park with restaurants, shops and a golf course. The park will have over 20,000 visitors.

Some of the dinosaurs that viewers can expect to see in the movie include real apatosaurus, dimorphodon, mosasaurus, pteranodon, triceratops and, of course, the Tyrannosaurus rex. The park will also have a petting zoo, where people will be able to touch the harmless dinosaurs.

The new terror in "Jurassic World," which is the fourth instalment in the "Jurassic" film series, is said to be an all new dinosaur created by the scientists. The new dinosaur is created due to the demands made by the management of the park to increase revenues. The new dinosaur will reportedly be "bigger, louder and with more teeth."

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