Jupiter Jump, Paperrama and Blackwell among Top Addicting and Gorgeous Apps

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Apps have become a crucial part of people's lives. Its value has been comparable to smartphones and other mobile devices as these units rely on such platforms to execute most of their tasks. On some occasions, people come across something so addicting it makes them hard to put their phones down. Here are some of the top apps that have got people poring over their devices for longer periods. 

Jupiter Jump 

This app is available both on Android and iOS. Jupiter Jump offers an action-packed adventure that begins with a crash landing. Players have to bounce on the surface of the planet and avoid crashing into the mines. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible. The higher or closer the risks, the higher also the rewards are. 


Paperama features an origami puzzle that gives people's creative side a run for their money. The game works with a limited number of folds depending on the outline. Users have to be precise and patient if they want to go through the rounds. 

Blackwell 1: Legacy 

Unfortunately, this app is only accessible for iOS users. The app features an adventure mystery came plus some classic art. The app serves as the initial episode of the mystery series following the spirit medium, Rosa Blackwell. Players will explore New York City under the guidance of the Joey Mallone - Rosa's family ghost. 

There also apps that can be quite interesting based on their design. Some people are attracted to elaborately designed apps; it makes the feature more addicting the usual. Sunrise calendar is one of those apps. Some of the features of the app include:

Weather forecast based on your location.

Smart icons.

Tag location to events.

Use Google Maps for Directions.

Connect multiple Google Calendars. 

Other impressively designed apps include Hashtack and Haze.

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