June Becomes Deadliest Month of 2014 in Iraq – UN

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Still photographs appear to show men being executed, claimed by a purported ISIL Twitter account to be Shi'ites facing reprisal for fighting Sunnis Reuters

June has become the deadliest month in Iraq as the crisis claimed 2,400 lives to death in just one month according to the United Nations.

UN said that more than half of these deaths were civilians. There are 2,287 who were injured.

"The last time such a high number of civilians had been killed in a single month was in 2007," Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) spokesperson, Ravina Shamdasani, said in Geneva.

UN is calling for all involved parties to observe international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

"The staggering number of civilian casualties in one month points to the urgent need for all to ensure that civilians are protected. As large parts of the country remain under the control of ISIL and armed groups, it is imperative that national leaders work together to foil attempts to destroy the social fabric of Iraqi society. What can be achieved through a Constitutional political process cannot be achieved through an exclusively military response.  Security must be restored, but the root causes of violence must be addressed," Special Representative for Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov said in a statement.

According to data gathered by Mladenov, 1,531 (including 270 civilian police) were killed, while the number of civilians injured was 1,763 (including 276 civilian police); 886 Iraqi security forces were killed and 524 were injured.

Baghdad was the most affected with 1,090 civilian casualties (375 killed, 715 injured), followed by Ninewa (470 killed, 327 injured), Salahadin (365 killed, 323 injured), Diyala (158 killed, 134 injured), Babil (92 killed, 99 injured), Kirkuk (58 killed, 83 injured).

Mladenov is calling all officials to establish a new government that could bring the whole country in unity. With this, it is imperative that they reached an agreement for a new Speaker.

"Politicians in Iraq need to realize that it is no longer business as usual. I call upon all political leaders to set aside their differences and, in a spirit of compromise, elect a Speaker during the next session, due to be held on 8 July," Mladenov said.

Mladenov added that approximately one million people were displaced because of the current crisis, fleeing to the autonomous Kurdish region.

Meanwhile, Australia Muslim preacher Musa Cerantonio, believed to be hiding in the Philippines for being wanted by Australian Police, announced that he is joining the caliphate founded by the jihadists in Iraq.

He made the announcement through his Twitter account which is being followed by one in four foreign fighters in the Middle East. His Facebook account on the other hand is the third most "liked" page among jihadists, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

''Insha'Allah (God-willing) I will be arriving in Ash-Sham (the Levant) very shortly, keep us in your du'a (prayers), getting ready to travel. Allah bless and protect our Imam, our Amir, our Khalifah, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," Cerantonio posted.

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