Julia Roberts and Mom Drove Half-Sister, Nancy Motes to Commit Suicide - Reports

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Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts gave birth to twins, Phinneaus Walter and Hazel Patricia, in 2004. REUTERS/ Mario Anzuoni

Five months after Julia Robers' half sister Nancy Motes committed drug overdose, her suicide note has surfaced, unveiling why she was so depressed that she decided to take her own life.

The note, first reported by Mail Online UK, was obviously written in anger towards Motes' mom and half-sister, Julia. Motes wrote that her "mother and so called siblings" were the ones who drove her towards depression, so deep that she cannot even imagine living anymore.

The note also revealed how bad the abuse Motes received from Roberts. Motes wrote that the abuse she received was simply horrible.

"I burst into tears b/c I woke up. My mother & so called 'siblings' get nothing except the memory that they are the ones that drove me into the deepest depression I've ever been in," Motes wrote in the note.

"If anything should happen to me, John Bailey Dilbeck gets whatever he wants of my possessions & ownership of Lucy."

Dilbeck was Motes' fiancé at the time of her death. This note can help Dilbeck's current legal battle against Roberts and her mom Betty with regards to the control of Motes' estate.

Nancy Motes was the former production assistant on the FOX Hit Show, "Glee." She drowned in her bathtub on February 9. Later, it was determined that she took a deadly mixture of nonprescription and prescription pills, which led to the drowning.

Motes labeled herself as a "junky" and claims in her letter to Dilbeck that he will be better off without her.

Motes wrote the note in three parts; one addressed to "Notting Hill" Star, Roberts and Betty, one to her fiancé, Dilbeck and one to "everyone." The notes were separately read because under California law, the Los Angeles County Coroner only has to provide parts suicide note to those respectively addressed.

"I know this will affect you the most and & I can't apologize enough. I was truly blessed & lucky to have you as my true love and best friend. I will carry you with me forever," she wrote.

Motes was buried secretly by Roberts and Betty, which Dilbeck said hurts more than words because he was not invited along with all those close to the former production assistant.

"It really hurts," Dilbeck shared to Radar Online, "I was very frustrated and hurt by it. I needed to voice being hurt, because Nancy's voice is being silenced."

Julia Roberts and her mother have yet to speak up on the issue concerning her sister's suicide.

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