Julia Roberts' Half Sister Calls Her a 'B*tch' Before Suicide: Will the Death Hurt Roberts' Chance at the Oscars?

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Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts gave birth to twins, Phinneaus Walter and Hazel Patricia, in 2004. REUTERS/ Mario Anzuoni

Nancy Motes, the half sister of multi-awarded actress Julia Roberts, died in an apparent drug overdose in which her family members described as a suicide. The not-so-famous half sister of the "Pretty Woman" actor left an eight-page suicide letter, a lengthy note that described the ordeal she had to endure under the hands of her more famous half sister, Julia Roberts.

According to Daily Mail, Nancy Motes wrote the suicide letter to detail the deepest and darkest secrets of the "Pretty Woman" actress to the world. John Dilbeck, Nancy's fiance, found the lifeless body in the bath on Sunday, also the same day Julia Roberts was believed to be at the Oscar nominees lunch where she is vying to be the Best Supporting Actress for the movie, "August: Osage County."

Conner Dilbeck, the brother of Motes' fiancé, revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail that "We are talking about people who are powerful...people who have very delicate power, people who are in the limelight. Their power can be destroyed very easily if unfortunate things make them look more wicked." Many believe this statement referred to Motes attempt to sabotage her half sister in the latter's bid for an Oscar. 

Prior to the suicide, Motes posted a series of angry tweets directed to her more famous half sister. In one tweet, the now departed Motes wrote: "Hey Hag! Glad you f****ed with me yet? You're going to LOVE what's coming! FYI-You're an awful, hate filled old pathetic excuse for a human." and another one hate-filled tweet, "Just so you all know "America's Sweetheart" is a B****!!"

Motes had allegedly suffered under Julia's maltreatment--which often included topics about her weight. According to reports, Julia had always made Motes feel inadequate and ugly, whereas the former would always say stinging remarks about Motes' weight issues. 

Motes had recently been cut off from her biological mother, which Julia Roberts also shares, because of her incessant drug use. It is said that Motes could not take the shadow of her famous siblings. Prescription drugs and heroin were found near the bath tub where Motes' lifeless body lay.

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