Is Julia Gillard Australia’s Male Christian President?

By @ibtimesau on

If 18-year-old Kristen Neel of Georgia were a quiz bee contestant, she probably would easily lose if the questions were on current events.

Ms Neel apparently got all three items wrong regarding Australia's head of state when she posted in Twitter that due to the Wednesday loss of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to Democrat bet Barack Obama, she would rather move to the land down under.

The reason she cited for her preference to live in Australia is that the country is headed by a male Christian president. On all three counts she is wrong because Julia Gillard is female, an atheist and prime minister.

Ms Neel is not alone in her plan, although not all of the Twitter members who posted similar sentiments in the microblogging site are as unaware as she is of the official title, gender and religious belief of Ms Gillard.

The gaffe prompted Ian Cuthbertson, The Australian TV editor, to provide the American teenager with the facts.

"Our Prime Minister is a woman, an atheist who lives with a man she hasn't married. I don't think you'd like it here," he tweeted.

Similar corrections were made through tweets by Concera Vota, ABCnewsintern and Mark Piece.

@Patrickavenell was more condescending and called Ms Neel the dumbest person in the world.

Because of her embarrassing tweet, Ms Neel eventually closed her Twitter account, but not before the tweet was retweeted more than 1,500 times. She even clarified that she was referring to Ms Gillard's predecessor, whom she believes had a moral position.

However, Ken Sekiya tweeted that the wrong information posted by the American teen is an indicator of the worsening public education system in the U.S., which he said could be avoided by more fund allocation to the system for Ms Neel not to commit another Twitter tragedy after Mr Obama finishes his term in 2012.

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