Juan Pablo, Nikki Ferral Relationship Controversial Theories: 'The Bachelor' Couple Calls it Quits, Opposes Reports of Them 'Going Strong'

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In not so shocking news, Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferral have reportedly called it quits. Buzz has it that Juan and Nikki had been faking their relationship for publicity and there is no concrete love between them. Apparently, the problems between the "The Bachelor" couple surfaced when they appeared for the taping at "Dancing With the Stars."

"At a recent Dancing with the Stars taping, both of them were being obvious about their disdain for one another. Apparently, they did not speak to each other nor did they touch each other, and they were generally acting like two people who couldn't stand each other, not two people who were supposedly in love and about to get married," reported Celebrity Laundry.

However, according to a report by E!, Nikki and Juan are happy with each other and are going strong 

"They're together," the source says. "They're still not living in the same city, but they see each other when they can. Juan Pablo says they're both happy."

Moreover, Pablo is extremely hurt with the recent poster of Andi Dorfaman's "The Bachelorette." The poster shows Andi  Dorfman with a rose and has caption which reads: "She's looking for the right Juan. One," with Galavis' name crossed out.

"He's embarrassed," a source told the Web site, adding, "He feels used. He doesn't like being the butt of a joke. He's feeling very misunderstood right now. He's still claiming he had no idea what he was getting into when he signed on to do The Bachelor. He really wants to clear up all the misconceptions about him."

Andi Dorfman walked out of "The Bachelor" after she felt that Juan Pablo is not the right person for her. Pablo has got a lot of negative publicity since his appearance on the ABC hit series.

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