Josh Hamilton Back In the Groove

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The much anticipated Cactus League debut for Josh Hamilton finally came in reality last Monday.

Josh, who was suffering from an ankle injury said, "It felt good". "I did all the things you're supposed to be able to do on the field".

He took a single at the first hit and then took off for the second base.

For the Los Angeles Angels, the return of Josh was a good sign. The next game of Angels is scheduled on Wednesday, followed by the regular sessions after twelve days.

Team manager, Mike Scioscia did not confirm when Josh is expected to play. However, Josh expected to open the game, but Scioscia declined to comment further on the same.

On Monday, Scioscia said, "There are still some hurdles...."

"You want to get his at-bats up. He's got to play left field. He'll need recovery days here and there."

In reply to manager's comment, Hamilton said, "I'm just going to say, whatever Scioscia thinks, I'm good with that. I'm not going to create any controversy with you guys. Whatever he says goes."

Hamilton, who is known for free swinger, hit the third pitch in his first at-bat. He then pitched his second at-bat for a force play and the third for a single.

He said, "The first day back, you'll be a little jumpy and a little out front...."

"The first couple at-bats were exactly that...."

Scioscia further stated he talked to Mike Trout before the start of the game in regard to the welcoming return of Hamilton at Angels, after the hiatus.

Scioscia said, "They're excited to see what it's going to look like with him in the middle..."

Josh Hamilton is one key player for Angels and his return will prove effective to the team. Earlier, he had played for Cincinnati Reds and Texas Rangers. He also bags the credit of MLB All-Star for five times and has also been awarded with the coveted AL Most Valuable Player Award in the year 2010.

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