Join More Than 10,000 Gamers of 'Pokemon Red' Playable Online for Free on Twitch

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Loyal fans of "Pokemon Red" can now join more than 10,000 other players online via Twitch. The great thing about this is that the game has been going on for more than 46 hours already and will likely not stop anytime soon.

'Pokemon Red' Online

Classical "Pokemon Red" is now playable online via Twitch and allows gamers to join more than 10,000 other avid fans of the first Pokemon game in the series. In addition to the classic gameplay and levelling up Pokemons, gamers can also chat with other players since everything is under live streaming.

The online "Pokemon Red" game on Twitch is based on the original graphics which is black and white and totally old school Gameboy.

Mastermind Behind the Curtains

Twitch online "Pokemon Red" came from the brilliant mind of an Australian programmer who wishes to remain anonymous, according to CNET. This programmer devised a way to put the original game into live streaming with emulation of command keys used on Gameboy such as A, B, Select and Start.

A combination of Python, Javascript code and the famous VirtualBoyAdvance emulator, which has been used on several devices to emulate Pokemon on computers, laptops and even smartphones, made the live streaming possible.

Is There Any Stop?

Right now, the game is still kicking and seems likely to stay for quite some time on Twitch. According to one report from the Wall Street Journal as noted by, Twitch gained higher traffic peaks than Facebook, Hulu and Amazon and probably would benefit from any activities such as Pokemon online. Users on Twitch have preferred online gaming entertainment over watching TV, an activity which decreased by 68 per cent for these users. Most activities done on the Web site are watching live streams, chatting with community, watching video highlights and broadcasting gameplays.

Twitch apparently lets users sign up for free and allows them to broadcast their game screens for public viewing that led to higher traffic peaks. After creating an an account, users can open the link and join all the other players in a collective effort to catch Pokemons along the road and compete to win badges.

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